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Batb, Lost it All
I hated him, just hated him.  I’m sorry to say that now and I’m sorry that soon my husband will read this.  We knew when we decided to write this that we were going to learn things about each other that would hurt.  Still, we are strong together, and I feel that somehow these dark secrets are simply a fire that will re-forge our bonds and make them stronger.
But God did I hate him then.  
As soon as he let me down this beautiful woman was standing before me.  She had a clever face with high round cheekbones and thin glittering eyes.  Her skin was warm and exuberant and taught against sleek muscles.  Her hair flowed about her shoulders and neck like a soft, dark cloud.  Still, given the circumstances I moved away from her when I saw her and dropped my bag in shock.  I had expected to be taken to a den of monsters, a cave full of the most loathsome things imaginable but here was th
:iconrosengeist:Rosengeist 12 29
Batb, Into the New World
You were expecting more words from Cosette I suppose.  I’ve let her take the reins on this project for many reasons, but we have decided between the both of us that it’s probably best if I take over for a bit.  I know more about the world you will soon learn of, having been born into it,.  Cosette is considered quite knowledgeable about our ways these days, but admittedly, she has neither the breadth nor depth of knowledge on this subject as I do.  
I have been reading her last entry and debating it.  I know I sound quite the villain.  That’s fair I suppose.  I’m not going to lie and say she wasn’t correct in everything she said.  But if you had glass in your face, if you were bleeding from your eyes, I doubt you would pour forth the gentilities.  Aside from which, I was and still am, nothing if not loyal to Ovid.  If I had been given a task from him, it would be
:iconrosengeist:Rosengeist 6 48
Partly cloudy - July 2008 by pearwood Partly cloudy - July 2008 :iconpearwood:pearwood 8 43
BatB, Last Day of my Old Life
You shall have to forgive the pause between my last entry and this one.  
As it stands, the free time my husband and I have is…limited at best.  The last time I was writing we were both called away quite abruptly.  It was very ‘drop everything and run” if you will.
I will speak no more of this, you and I reader were in the middle of something.
My sister’s hand was clenched within the fist of a cloaked and masked madman far larger than both her and I put together.  A madman with some god-awful capacity for making things happen I couldn’t understand.  I stood in the midst of all this calamity trying to find some way to stop it, but how was I supposed to do that when I was a small, slow moving girl with nothing on my side.  No weapons, no strength.  No shoes even.
But sometimes, even in the deepest of darkness a spark can be lit. Mine happened to be a silly, irrational little spark, but that
:iconrosengeist:Rosengeist 11 48
Above and below - June 2008 by pearwood Above and below - June 2008 :iconpearwood:pearwood 8 11
Luc's Hope - Chapter Four
Henry learned a great deal in his first week at Rinker’s Sweets.  He learned how to balance three stackable trays of candy on one arm, and place the contents on display in under three minutes.  He learned that Mrs. Rinker was a considerate, saintly woman... under agreeable circumstances.  He learned which candies sold the fastest and how to restock so that even during the busiest time of day nothing was missing from the displays until it was completely sold out.  He learned how to package half-, one-, and three-pound boxes that were given as gifts throughout the village.  He learned that Rinker Sweets made more money from five chain shops than all of their neighbors combined, and that all of Mrs. Rinker’s friends were absurdly jealous of her, in spite of the fact that she was a working wife as they were.
He learned about everything except Dawn Rinker, the subject that fascinated him more and more with each passing day. 
:iconprez-liz:Prez-Liz 4 18
Luc's Hope - Chapter Three
“Where the devil is that child?” Emma exclaimed loudly, as though Dawn was not five years her senior.  Dawn groaned and crouched behind someone’s box garden.  She had heard her sister yelling for her from down the street, and instantly known what all the fuss was about.
It was time to leave.
My first, my very first trip out of this little toy village, and I forget all about it.  Well, she was not entirely without excuse.  She’d had other things on her mind.
What made her reluctant to go home was that she couldn’t go.  She felt dismal to her core as she sat on the cobblestone street, hiding as though by avoiding everyone she could make the problem go away.
No... hiding will only make the problem worse.  Father won’t go anywhere until he knows I’m all right.  If I have to tell him I can’t go, I shouldn’t make him late to boot.
She didn’t want to st
:iconprez-liz:Prez-Liz 5 13
Beauty and the Beast,Desperate
For the past week as I waited for my husband to write down the last portion of our tale I have been formulating my own words in my head.  I know he has gone towards this task with trepidation, and I can not say I blame him.  He suffers still, in his own quiet, hidden way.  There are deep scars in him that he can only handle now by wrapping them up in his charming smiles and pretending they do not exist.  If he must be slow with this, I will let him be slow.  
For my part, I am anxious to write.  Not so much because I enjoyed what happened to me as it is written below, but because I would like to get beyond it.  My husband would rather that such things are never brought up; I simply want them to be done with.  
So, let’s get on with it then…
Chloe and I had been fighting. In retrospect I can not say exactly why, but I feel certain that our fight occurred largely because she was tense and anxious.
:iconrosengeist:Rosengeist 12 17
Calilber Cover Issue 3 by Artgerm Calilber Cover Issue 3 :iconartgerm:Artgerm 2,650 245 Eda and Georgia, beastie by Rosengeist Eda and Georgia, beastie :iconrosengeist:Rosengeist 10 23 After the rain - June 2008 by pearwood After the rain - June 2008 :iconpearwood:pearwood 8 17
Beauty and the Beast, Trapped
It has taken me a week to respond to the last entry.  Cosette waits patiently for me to write it down, saying nothing, though I have caught her looking for my entry more than once.  She knows my words must be dug up from deep, dark places and I appreciate her patience.
I don’t really care to elaborate on this next portion of the tale.  There are things in my life I’d rather lock away so that they might never see daylight again, but if I must delve into these things for the writing of this tale than I will.  But it is difficult, there is a kind of shame I feel about most of my past.  As well as guilt for all those things I had done or had failed to do.  Repugnant to me as these things may be, the story my wife and I lay before you will make little sense without them.
Understand before I begin this entry, that there are many things I can not explain yet, they have yet to find words within me and would only confound you
:iconrosengeist:Rosengeist 12 26
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A single shot :iconvanion-d-ask:Vanion-D-ask 2 6
Make A New World by michaelangelo82 Make A New World :iconmichaelangelo82:michaelangelo82 24 8 Leaves in the sun - May 2008 by pearwood Leaves in the sun - May 2008 :iconpearwood:pearwood 7 9 Bell choir - May 2008 by pearwood Bell choir - May 2008 :iconpearwood:pearwood 83 75


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