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Luc's Hope - Chapter Two
Luc dove from his cliff-side home, thinking as he always did that it was cruel of Rupert to leave him unable to drown.  It was still early for an afternoon swim, but from the scent and weight of the air, he guessed that it would be raining soon.  Besides, he wanted to avoid Feathers, Mongrel, and Monkey as long as he could.  He left his breakfast from the palace sitting cold and untouched next to the crumpled letters from Rupert and Edwin.  If he could get down to the fishing grounds before the servants returned to gather them, he could avoid having to write replies.
The first thing Edwin had written was an apology for not writing in several weeks.  As though it had not been a relief not to hear from him.  He’d then gone on and on about some princess he’d met and now planned to marry.  Lucias had burned with jealousy and resentment, no doubt exactly as his stepbrother had planned.
We are to be married in
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Beauty and the Beast, Watcher
I’m not so sure I’ll be any good at this.  I’ve never kept a journal more than a few days, its not so much that I haven’t got the patience for it or anything like that, it’s only I always seem to find myself recording all the little comings and goings of my life in other ways.  Only, that’s not really important now.  It may be later, but not now.  So I shall try, you will forgive me future readers for this inexperience I hope.  It may sound strange and fantastic beyond all belief, but it is true, I swear it is true.  I am doing my best to make it understandable.  God, what else can I say…
I fell into all of this seven years ago, when I was only 17.
Chloe and I had been left alone again, another week during which our parents had to flee to another conference.  They have been speaking, presenting and writing since before I was even born. Both of them authors and historians a
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All Your Fault -2- :iconphery:Phery 1 9
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Luc's Hope - Chapter One
If Dawn had not gone to the Precarious Perch the night before her sister’s birthday party, she might never have met the Sea Beast.  The Perch was her favorite seaside pub, built on a natural pier of rocks, and named for its apparent seaward tilt (though in reality it was as sturdy as any other building).  It was a comfortable place that always had a fire and plenty of good drink and company, and Dawn often retreated there for respite from her relatively new adult responsibilities.    The wall facing the sea boasted an enormous window with honest-to-goodness glass panes, which reached all the way from the ceiling down to the level of the tables.  The table on the right-most corner was always reserved for Dawn.
About a dozen merchant ships had docked hat morning, and the Perch was enjoying the wealth of fresh beer and fresh faces.  For Dawn, faces meant stories.  Stories from sailors that lived in a world w
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Luc's Hope - Prologue pt.3
God, oh God... I'm dying.  That crazy old man just killed me...  Oh, God, I can’t breathe!  Mother, help me!
“Mother, help me... Mother...”

Edwin cringed inwardly at Lucias’ unconscious mumbling.  Had he been asked to describe his stepbrother before this moment, he would have described a selfish, venomous, ill-tempered little horror.  He would never have guessed Lucias could be so scared.  What will he have to go through when he wakes?
It was such bizarre form – blue skin that morphed to muted red in the extremities... webbed hands and feet... ridges and fins over his head, arms, and back.  Hardly any nose at all, and five long tentacles that limply from his scalp.  He was gasping for breath in his sleep, and though his face was strange and alien, Edwin recognized an expression of pain.
“What’s wrong with him, Father?”
Rupert knelt beside Edwi
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Luc's Hope - Prologue pt.2
By the time they returned the palace, Lucias was absolutely livid.  He stormed to his suite at the west end of the palace, and refused all summons and visitors for the rest of the day.  He was sure the servants already knew all about his humiliation, and probably the nobles staying the night after the funeral.
He could not think, he was so angry.  To be manhandled like that… hauled to the carriage like a willful child!  He wanted to have those footmen thrown into a dungeon… or at least have the chance to punch them both in the mouth.
A servant came to his door to bring him to dinner.  Though Lucias’ stomach was alive with hunger, his anger hurt him more and he sent the servant away.  Not five minutes later, his door opened again.  Lucias grabbed the empty pitcher from his vanity and turned to hurl it at the intruder.  “I told you to go!”
It was not a servant, b
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Luc's Hope - Prologue pt.1
(Important Info in the Description)
It was the end of summer.  Lucias’ mother lay in an ornate gold coffin, surrounded by heaps of lilies and roses.  The last glimpse Lucias caught of her face told him that she had been very ill.  No one had told him.  He only knew she had been tired.
Lucias was king, now that both his parents were dead.  His father had died when he was only a month old.  When he was old enough to attend school, Lucias spent much of his time preparing to be exactly like him... a proud man, and a strong leader.
Now he was king, and a thief wore the crown.
The thief was Lucias’ stepfather.  Lord Rupert had married the widow queen when Lucias was ten.  Since then, he had worn the crown, and Edwin, his strange, golden-haired son, had worn the circlet of a prince.  They were not from Lorasia, but from a small island kingdom many miles to the south.  It was a
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All Your Fault -1- :iconphery:Phery 1 11
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All Your Fault -Prologue- :iconphery:Phery 1 18


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